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The Radar Pitching Trainer & Virtual Umpire

This baseball and softball pitching trainer accurately measures pitch velocity, calls balls and strikes, and simulates at bats. Built in sonic radar measures the pitcher's release speed from 20 mph to 95 mph. As balls land inside or outside the target’s nine quadrant strike zone, pitch velocity, balls, and strikes are displayed onthe integrated LED display. The software records and displays total pitch count, strikeouts, and walks every 10 seconds. The durable frame folds flat for easy storage and portability. Whether you play Little League or Pro, baseball or fast pitch softball, the Radar Pitching Trainer is your perfect pitching solution.

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BOWNET Pitching Trainer

Bownet Strike Counter

Packed with features to help you improve, our Radar Pitching Trainer will help you pitch better, faster, and more accurately. With an easy-to-read screen and stat tracking, you'll always know how well you're doing, if you're improving, and be able to find what's wrong with any pitch.

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Motivate your pitchers to practice and compete.
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About Us

The Radar Pitching Trainer combines a pitching target with a sonic radar ball speed indicator and a virtual umpire for the ultimate pitching experience. It was developed under a partnership with Roberts Engineering, Eckon, and J-Biz, Ltd. Together this partnership creates high-tech toys and sporting goods products for distribution in the US.

The Radar Pitching Trainer features patented technology that can be the basis for a number of other sporting products or applications. We're working on a wide range of new concepts and would welcome inquiries from sporting goods companies about their applications.

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